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An affordable plan for simple business websites. Ideal for quick updating and publishing essential information such as business contact and announcements.

  • basic content management tools
  • wysiwyg html content editor
  • simple stylesheet management
  • Beyond simple content management, our Business Edition provides you with the necessary tools to help you stay in touch with your clients.

  • user registration and database
  • email marketing tools
  • The best and most cost effective plan to have if you are managing more than one website.

    everything in business, plus:-
  • multiple websites and administrators
  • central and individual user databases
  • content versioning and access control
  • With Service on Demand, you are able to enjoy a full range of web content management features without having to bear the burden of paying or maintaining the entire application.

    Additional benefits include:-

    • you save money by only paying for what you use
    • you save time as there is no need to download or install any software
    • you gain access to all the latest innovations and features as soon as they are released
    • maintenance of the application is done by us, the service provider

    and more...

    With Service on Demand, you can now focus on core competencies and competitive advantage instead of infrastructure.

    In simple words, a CMS, or Content Management System, will allow you to update your website contents easily and smartly.

    So if you are a non technical guy not knowing anything about html coding or web designing, using a CMS will allow you to update your website contents without much of a hassle.

    Offers you the full functions of a commercial level cms and the flexibility and benefits of a service on demand application.

    • increased site flexibility
    • faster site content updates
    • no HTML knowledge required
    • faster deployment time
    • reduced startup cost
    • reduced maintenance cost
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